Reports - Coastal Area Action Plan
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Comprehensive Plan Evaluation Report

A review of Tampa's and peer communities' comprehensive plan as it relates to coastal planning, particularly the evacuation A and B zones.

Resilient Design Workshop Summary

A summary of activities and feedback received during the Resilient Design Workshops.

Resiliency Design Workshop Adaptation Strategies

A summary of adaptation strategies discussed with communities during the Resilient Design Workshops.


Community Lifelines Report

This report explores ways the Palmetto Beach and South of Gandy communities, in cooperation with the City of Tampa, can strengthen ties with key community lifelines and identify specific projects to mitigate impacts of tropical and severe flooding.

SOG Traffic Analysis Memo

This memorandum analyzes previous planning efforts and current conditions to provide transportation recommendations to improve mobility and quality of life in the study area, including recommendations for streetscape improvements, bicycle and pedestrian facilities and crossings, and traffic calming measures.

Inventory of Resilience and Mitigation Projects

To assist in strengthening ties with key community lifelines and identifying specific projects to mitigate impacts of tropical events and severe flooding, this report inventories current and proposed mitigation projects for SOG and Palmetto Beach.