South of Gandy - Coastal Area Action Plan
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South of Gandy

The neighborhood south of Gandy Boulevard, not including MacDill Air Force Base, consists of four distinct sub-areas as part of this study: The Gandy Civic, Interbay, Port Tampa City, and Ballast Point. The Hillsborough City-County Planning Commission estimates that the population in 2020 was 40,740 (including residents on-base).

The area is comprised of a mix of big-box retail along Gandy Boulevard, small local shops, industrial, and residential land uses, with a range of housing types (single family, townhouse and multifamily). Development activity in this area has been robust, with several new projects constructed in recent years.

The neighborhoods are vulnerable to flooding and storm surge inundation, with a large part of the area in flood zones and within A and B evacuation areas. Other neighborhood concerns include traffic generated by the base and new residential projects and a lack of transit, infrastructure, and affordable housing.