Videos - Coastal Area Action Plan
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Zoning 101

The video covers the basic concepts of zoning and how zoning affects the development and look of communities.

Emergency Management

This video covers the four phases of emergency management for residents and the local government, and three vulnerability designations that may affect properties and future development: the Coastal High Hazard Area, evacuation zones, and flood zones.

Resilient Tampa

This video covers what homeowners can do to keep their family, home, and neighborhood safer and more resilient to natural disasters and other coastal concerns.


This video covers the basic of stormwater, the City's participation in the National Flood Insurance Program to lower flood insurance rates, and how residents can help to reduce stormwater overflow and pollution.

The Comprehensive Plan Update

This video covers the purpose of a comprehensive plan, the forthcoming 2045 Comprehensive Plan update, and content within the comprehensive plan, with special attention given to land use and density.